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Data Futures

Data Futures is our ambitious programme of change that will help to deliver a new higher education (HE) information landscape.

We will create more relevant, reliable, comprehensive and timely information about higher education for the benefit of the sector and other interested parties. We will also deliver this in more efficient ways which will reduce the burden on higher education providers.

Through our Data Futures programme, we will design a system that provides both:

  • Better insights now to support decision making and help to meet today’s challenges
  • Future-proofing, so that HE data can keep pace with an evolving and dynamic sector.

We are anticipating rolling out our new system in 2019/20. Before then, we will be consulting extensively with the sector, software companies, and other stakeholders. We will also be piloting new approaches.

These webpages provide an overview and background to the project; further information will appear here in the coming months and years.