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Data innovation

We aim to transform the higher education data landscape. Our data also shapes policy and decision making in the sector and beyond.

Consultation - NewDLHE: The future of graduate outcomes data

We've designed a new model to capture comprehensive, rich and robust data about graduate outcomes using an efficient and future proof methodology. We're inviting you to respond to our consultation on this model.

Data Futures

Our Data Futures programme will transform the data collection process. Our vision is for a modernised and more efficient approach to collecting HE data.

Open data strategy

We are committed to increasing the usefulness of the data we collect. We are developing plans to publish much of the information we hold as open data.

Record reviews, including #NewDLHE

We review our data streams to ensure that we collect and publish the right information at the right time. Current projects include a major review on graduate outcomes and destinations.

Data landscape steering group

We shape the HE data landscape. Our expert knowledge of the sector helps us determine current and future data requirements.

Common data language

Adopting common data definitions reduces burden within the HE sector. We develop and maintain a data architecture as well as a classification of subjects.

Data capability

We work with providers to enhance their data maturity and capabilities. It is only with this advanced understanding that providers can realise the full potential of data.